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Object storage, custom domains, and HTTPs

Object storage, custom domains and HTTPs Recently I wanted to deploy a static-generated site (Next.js) to the raw object storage (S3) and connect a CDN to it. But encountered an issue with the DNS provider that doesn鈥檛 allow simply created an alias to other domain name with managed HTTPs. The case You: want to store website in object storage (S3) some subdomain will be given (xyz.netlify.app) want to use CDN for HTTPs certificate management + faster access...

May 7, 2022 路 Me

REST API HTTPs options

REST API HTTPs options PaaS (Heroku) Heroku automatically provides a subdomain (app.heroku.app) with issues HTTPs certificate for all dynos. So no configuration is needed to manage (issue and renew) certificate. IaaS (DigitalOcean) If you are running your backend server on the VPS instance you will be only presented with static public IP address (HTTP) for that machine. These are the available proxy setup options: nginx + certbot docker-nginx-certbot...

Apr 27, 2022 路 Me

API documentation options

API documentation options Swagger UI Bad vertical UI/UX Redoc Paid try-in functionality Rapidoc Doesn鈥檛 feature 3-column design Stoplight Elements Doesn鈥檛 have a lot of configuration options Not so popular Backed by commercial company If you annotate your API using OpenAPI spec than you can easily generate a whole API docs frontend website from it....

Apr 26, 2022 路 Me

Python Code Quality Tools I Use

Python Code Quality Tools I Use The goal is to have more or less exhaustive code quality setup for VS Code and Python with minimal overlapping between the tools. What I use: VS Code modern web-based lightweight editor with optional IDE functionality (> PyCharm, Vim) VS Code Python (extension) for integration of a lot of other great tools into VS Code (bundle) black for code formatting (> autopep8, yapf)...

Apr 26, 2022 路 Me

How useful are Django's model permissions?

How useful are Django鈥檚 model permissions? Django permissions are labels assign to specific users, these labels represent whether the user is permitted to do X-label or Y-label. So basically this permission system can be used to classify the users (not general objects) e.g. by job, like teacher, programmer, artist and later derive information from assigned categories for authorization (conditionally) or rendering (display user assigned categories on web page). It will have more sense to rename the system like this:...

Mar 9, 2022 路 Me